Accidents Happen

But when injuries are fabricated or exaggerated, you should not have to bear financial responsibility, paying fraudulent claims or undeserved settlements. The reasons to investigate are obvious.

Surveillance is a good choice for both workers’ comp and personal injury matters. Surveillance can:

• Determine the extent of the injuries in question.

• Uncover outside activities that may have contributed to or caused the injury.

• Expose undisclosed employment.

• Provide incontrovertible video evidence of the claimant or plaintiff’s physical abilities.


For those cases when you simply need more background on the claimant/plaintiff or the circumstances of the injury, consider an AOE/COE or background investigation. Confidential Controls will take statements from the interested parties, document the accident site, and obtain supplementary materials, such as medical records, police reports, etc., to help you make an informed decision. We can also check the subject for previous litigation or criminal involvement, conduct Social Security traces, and identify marital status, dependents, and assets.


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