Legal Investigation Services

Attorneys are constantly challenged by the many different tasks associated with successfully handling a case. And despite having paralegals, legal assistants and researchers, there is no substitute for experienced investigators that can be the “boots on the ground” to do some of the legwork. A skilled investigator can assist with everything from asset investigations, witness locates to interviews and surveillance. While many of the cases handled by attorneys could warrant the use of a private investigator in some aspect, following are some of the primary legal matters that we assist with:

Personal Injury

From documenting the scene or vehicles, to conducting interviews, asset checks and locating witnesses, our role is of extreme value and more cost effective than the same tasks being done by the attorney.

  • Accident Scene Photography and Video Documentation
  • Accident report evaluation
  • Witness Locates and Interviews
  • Witness Background and Research
  • Expert Witness Research
  • Expert Witness coordination for case as needed
  • Accident Scene Reconstruction (via an agreement with a Certified Accident Reconstruction Consultant)

Family Law

Confidential Controls utilizes a comprehensive strategy to child custody and infidelity cases, incorporating GPS trackers, forensic exams, covert cameras and surveillance to collect the necessary evidence for the case.

Criminal Defense

Every person has the right to have an attorney represent them and that should also include an experienced investigator to help identify key facts and evidence which could prove their innocence.

Corporate Investigations

A much larger problem in the US than most people believe, companies must protect their trade secrets, branding, intellectual property and reputation from competitors that want to fight dirty. Confidential Controls can be used to successfully police a company’s products. Counterfeiting and improper diversion of products onto the grey market are just two of the most common areas where an investigator can provide intelligence and assistance.


While it takes on many different forms, the economic impact of these crimes is unquestionable.  However, an experienced investigator from Confidential Controls can help uncover critical information for the case.

Elder Home Abuse

Confidential Controls can install covert cameras, conduct interviews, surveillance or even work undercover to develop evidence of crimes committed against the elderly in nursing homes.


Have you had trouble getting return phone calls from law enforcement officers involved in a case or experienced an unwillingness for witnesses to share information simply because they are fearful of speaking to an attorney? All of our current legal clients have and therefore rely heavily on our team of experienced investigators to get recorded statements and gather all the factual evidence necessary for their cases.  Many of our interviews are conducted in the field, often at the scene of the incident thereby generating better recollection of events but all are carefully documented and/or recorded and submitted to our clients via a secure web portal within a few hours (if not minutes) of us obtaining them. Along with those recordings, we immediately send a brief summary of key factual points for quick analysis and assessment of how that particular witness/officer impacts the case.


Whether for a child custody, infidelity, corporate espionage, embezzlement or other case, surveillance is one of the most challenging tasks for a private investigator.  However, Confidential Controls focuses on understanding every aspect of the person under surveillance from their physical description to their patterns, behaviors, friends/family, frequent hang-outs, driving habits and even their level of awareness of others around them.  Then we establish a clear guideline for covert communication between us and our clients and a strategy for conducting each step of the investigation in a sequence, order and method which will yield the greatest results. We also utilize some of the best equipment on the market, including GPS tracking devices and covert cameras. Video is often shot in HD and all evidence can frequently be sent right from the field shortly after it is obtained, giving our clients access to the status of their investigation.  Lastly, we have a variety of investigators to utilize, all in varying ages, genders, races and other factors which allows us to better assimilate into any environment.

Background Investigations

Nearly every investigation begins with some level of background check, and the key to being successful at them is not necessarily in the information but rather in the analysis.  However, whether this is the only task in the investigation or part of a larger case, it is important to ensure accuracy of the data and to cross reference the intelligence gleaned from the searches.

Asset Searches

Asset searches, if done properly, can expose valuable items which can be pursued in a civil case particularly when policy limits on the insurance are low.  However, just as we discussed with regards to background checks, asset searches also require more than a fast search on Lexis Nexis to see if someone has a boat or vacation home.  Often times a subject will begin hiding assets if he/she knows that a civil case against them is forthcoming or they will simply title the property in someone else’s name. So it is important to conduct asset searches in a comprehensive manner, utilizing a variety of information sources and cross referencing the data as it develops. We will seek to uncover any and all property, vehicles, boats, stocks, income, etc.  Additionally, we look for liabilities, prior judgments, lawsuits, divorces, tax liens, UCC filings, and other pertinent information.

For post judgments, Confidential Controls can provide A Level Two Asset Search that will allow us to delve deeper into employment history, bank account records and other vital financial information only available when a judgment is already filed. (Note: Any and all investigations conducted by SCG must meet GLB,  FCRA and other privacy laws as mandated by the US Federal Government)

Leverage for Negotiations

We can pull together key sources and intelligence to inform your side during litigation, an M & A deal, internal investigation, or any other adversarial situation that can make the difference between a favorable settlement.

Enforce Judgments

A judgment is only useful if you are able to enforce it. Confidential Controls can help attorneys to identify current assets and any efforts to hide or misrepresent them through the transfer to family members, friends or other parties.

Connect the Dots

Confidential Controls can help you to know who is actually sitting on the other side of the table during litigation or a potential business deal. You can gain immeasurable negotiation power by identifying who is actually behind a faceless corporation or tying together undisclosed connections.

Predict Your Opponent’s Next Move

Through an investigation, you can learn your opponent’s history and patterns of behaviors so as to best predict how they will react under pressure. This will help you to be successful in litigation strategizing, during cross examination, or at the deal table.

Prep For Cross Examination

During preparation for a deposition or courtroom testimony, our investigator’s report detailing your witnesses’ weaknesses, background, and behavioral tendencies may be one of your most valuable tools. This can also be useful in identifying information against your client, so you can be prepared for what may come up during the course of the litigation.

Collect and Review Electronic Evidence

Whether it is an adversarial matter or an internal investigation, Confidential Controls may be used to efficiently recover electronic files – including those that a subject believes he or she has successfully deleted. Investigators are frequently used to identify and analyze a subject’s emails, documents, or other files.

Other Services

The role of a private investigator is far more diverse than most people realize, we are often called upon by attorneys and other clients to assist with varied elements of a case.  Because we are skilled at locating witnesses and parties to a suit, we are often contacted to get accurate addresses on a subject, confirmation that they reside in a certain place or to go forward with service of process on them.  In fact, there are a few attorneys which we do all of their process service for and others that call us anytime they need to locate an old client or witness that they have lost because of repeated relocations by the person. The point is that we have access to a tremendous amount of information, and are highly skilled at putting the pieces of a puzzle together for you.

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