Cohabitation Investigations

Do you need to obtain evidence that your ex is living with a new love interest? A cohabitation investigation can provide solid proof.

What is a Cohabitation Investigation?

A cohabitation investigation is an investigation to determine if the alimony-receiving party is cohabiting with someone to avoid or terminate existing court-ordered alimony payments.

“Alimony” is a court-ordered payment of money to be made by one party to their former spouse (for the payee’s maintenance) as part of a divorce decree or during a separation period.  Alimony is typically set to be paid for a specific period of time. Payments stop at the end of the specified period.

Alimony payments may, however, terminate before the specified date if certain conditions or events take place. One such event is cohabitation with a new romantic partner by the party receiving alimony. The definition of “cohabitation” varies but generally refers to a person living and having a sexual relationship with another person outside of marriage.

Who are Cohabitation Investigations For?

In most cases, a cohabitation investigation is initiated by an ex-spouse paying alimony who suspects that their ex is currently cohabiting with another person. The investigation may be conducted at any time including before, during, or after divorce proceedings

Confidential Controls routinely conducts cohabitation investigations. The owner, Jason Shaw has testified many times in court on such investigations. Trust that Confidential Controls knows exactly what you need and how to go about it.

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