GPS Tracking

Do you ever wish you had a tool that could prove your suspicions were valid?

If someone suspects their teenager is driving unsafely or if a person believes a spouse is being unfaithful, what can they do? Modern technology in the form of Global Positioning Systems, or global positioning system, can be the answer.

How Does It Work?

A satellite based navigation system developed by the United States Department of Defense, a GPS can allow anyone with a GPS receiver to determine the position of a vehicle and its speed. Once a GPS unit has been attached to the subject’s vehicle, data can be sent to a central database or internet connected computer. The data can then be displayed against a map backdrop, in real time.

Our investigators have found the use of GPS tracking to be a vital resource which allows the collection of data during mobile surveillance when an individual cannot be followed without the burden of being seen.


Teen Drivers

Parents typically want to believe that their kids are being truthful about where they’ve been. Most parents are concerned for the child’s safety and statistics bear out the sad truth that the leading cause of teenage deaths are car accidents. With a GPS Unit parent’s can see in real time where and how fast the vehicle is going right from their smart phone. Don’t want to be glued to your phone? Simply print out a report at the end of the week that details all of the data in an easy to read format.

Cheating Husband or Wife

A GPS tracking device placed on a spouse’s vehicle can help spot a lying spouse. Information will be obtained that shows dates, times and locations. Once the device is placed in the spouse’s car, no other surveillance is needed. until the data is collected. Typically, a detailed surveillance would require a significant investment for the services of surveillance. Using a GPS unit cuts costs as it assists in trapping a cheater. Once suspicious activity is verified, a decision can be made to hire a private investigator to learn more.

Employee Tracking

Business owners who wonder how their employees are using the company vehicles can benefit from vehicle tracking. If an employee is conducting personal errands on company time or abusing a company car, a GPS tracker might be the solution. Every time an employee drives a company vehicle, outside of authorized use, it costs the employer money.

Confidential Controls currently leases out two types of tracking devices for vehicles

“Passive Device”

When you are ready, you remove the device from the vehicle and download the data into a computer and view a map (compatible with Google earth) showing where the vehicle has been. You receive the facts, after the investigation

‘Real-Time Tracking Device”

This unit stays with the vehicle allowing you to monitor where the vehicle is AT ALL TIMES. You have the luxury of viewing this information from your computer or smart phone.

These products are designed to be used only in a lawful manner. These products are not to be used to violate federal and state laws. GPS tracking of individuals without their knowledge may be prohibited in some areas under certain conditions. Confidential Controls will not be held responsible for inappropriate use of these or any other products. Valid registration of the vehicle must be furnished prior to the lease.

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